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MANVA95NPPXPages - Fixed an issue with local XPage access and Roles where a user with proper access received a 401 unauthorized error when opening an XPage on...
ECRABL5ET3Client - Security - Fixed an issue with SAML where SAML no longer worked after the Notes client was upgraded to 10.0.1 or 11 from 9.0.1. NFL was...
AKURBH2F4CClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where sending encrypted mail to a very large group would not warn if group was too large. This regression was...
RKHABSBPSZClient - Import/Viewer - Fixed an issue where importing or viewing an Excel (.xlsx) file which contains images shows blank space instead of the...
NNAIBT96LSClient - Attachments - Notes/Domino was truncating some encoded attachment filenames . This prevented the decoder from correctly decoding the...
AYAVBTJDNXClient - Mac - Big Sur - Fixed an intermittent crash in PaintWindowTab function.
SANEBTKARQClient - Fixed an issue where open a delegator's mail file would result in a workspace icon being added for their database.
SAHNBFUENYClient - Live Text - Fixed an issue where the Live Text recognition drop-down menu was missing.
SRKMBTZ9F4Client - Fixed an issue where some mime mail images were getting left aligned when replying to an internet email.
ASHABU593CClient - Failover - Fixed an issue where Notes client would not do anything when the user selected Create-> Mail-> Special->Link Message from the...
SBAMBU8PHNClient - Calendar - Fixed an issue where if an invite contained a broken image link, user would be unable to accept the invite due to an error:...
JADGBUDJW8Client - Mac Big Sur - Fixed a crash that would occur when trying to right click on a folder and choose Design Folder.
SBOEBUJBMWClient - Mail - Mac Big Sur - Fixed an issue on the Mac Big Sur where some mail and calendar views and navigation pane were displaying as blank when...
ASHABUNEU8ICAA - Fixed an issue where Scan Unread and Scan Preferred options were not working.
PLYSBUZH5WClient - MIME - When MIMEAttachNestedMessages=2, the Domino SMTP server could attach a nested message using a filename without the .EML file...


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